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Rugged Portable Speaker Design

Designed to last

With its robust aluminium and HDPE plastic shell, AURRAS is built to last. Combined with its sturdy, grounded design language; this speaker is perfectly suited for an industrial setting or workplace.

However, unlike other rugged speakers, AURRAS manages to retain a sense of simplicity with its minimal construction, 3-dial operation and Bluetooth capabilities.

The breakdown

AURRAS is constructed in a way that it can be easily disassembled for repairs with only one Allen key. This feature also allows you to 'hot swap' components and shells to better suit your needs and tastes. From carbon fibre to make it lighter to hot pink to make it pop!

Real world context

These renders, inspired by the design language of Caterpillar, demonstrates the versatility of AURRAS by evoking Caterpillar's already rugged and robust design ethos.