A coin-based ticket machine which is accessible for everyone

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The Mission

Our goal in this Loughborough University project was to improve upon the ticket machine. However we had a few design requirements our product had to meet, such as it should...

1.  Only use a coin-based payment system

2.  Use a non-touch screen display

3.  Centre around the 'user experience'

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Convenient. Simple. Inclusive.

Coinvenience Day Cycle
Coinvenience Night Cycle

Adaptive Lighting

A simple but helpful feature which, combined with the reflective metal shroud, helps illuminate the ticket machine and its surrounding area.

Adjustable Height

One of the key features of this product is its ability to be adjusted to various heights via a hydraulic rail system.

Coinvenience Min Height
Coinvenience Max Height

Designed with the users at the heart of it.

UCD Screen.JPG
Coinvenience Display

Confirm Duration

= £1.50


+1hr 30