I designed a modern and fun take on the traditional consulting identity 

The Mission

After years of experience and a growing portfolio, this client came to me with the goal of making his own consulting company with a modern brand identity; allowing him to stand out against the 'boring' mould of other companies.

Logo Dividers.png
Boxx Logo Only White.png
Boxx Logo White.png
Stacked Card Isometric.jpg

Boxx's modern and minimalist layout allows it to look good in nearly any colour scheme from black and white to the colour palette chosen by the client themselves and with it's elegant stand-alone logo, the 'Boxx Consulting' logo can be printed onto official documents due to its spaced out and easily distinguishable components.

Boxx Logo Only Guidlines.png
Boxx Logo Only 1.png
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Boxx Logo White.png

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Thinking outside of the boxx.

An independent IT advisory firm with over 25+ years experience in delivery successful IT and business change for global customers... 

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